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Sydney-sider Christina Butcher has been blogging at since 2010 when she discovered, to her surprise, that there were a lot of women wanting tips on how to make their hair as wonderful as they imagined it could be. She shares everything from tutorials, tips and tricks to beauty advice all with the one aim of helping her readers to love, and have fun, with their hair.

What year did you start blogging? And why?
I started blogging in 2010 as I was always asked how I did my hair. The idea started when a friend suggested that my hair deserved a daily blog. I laughed at first but other friends loved the idea and it started to go from there. One night I set up a blogger account and Hair Romance was born with a goal to help women love their hair.

Describe who your readers are and why you think they engage with your blog.
My readers are women of all ages who love their hair, or who hate their hair and need some help! I never think of hair as a niche topic, as everyone has hair and women love to talk about their hair. The majority of my readers are 15-35 and I see Hair Romance positioned as a translator between stylist and client. I’m very familiar with salons but I’m not a hairdresser so I try to bridge the gap, and talk about hair in an easy way which engages all levels.


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What’s the aim of your blog?
My goal is to help women to have more fun with their hair. It’s not about spending a long time styling your hair, but to use your best accessory to show your personality. I want to get rid of bad hair days forever!

What’s been the most rewarding aspect of blogging?
I love hearing from readers who have changed the way they feel about their hair. I receive some beautiful comments and photos from readers wearing my hairstyles. I always think of creating hairstyles to save time, but readers have emailed me to say they use my hairstyle ebooks to spend quality time with their tween daughter which was not something I expected.

What’s been the most challenging aspect of blogging?
Probably managing my time. I’m easily distracted and I have so many ideas. I have to set myself regular deadlines in order to stay focused.

What do you think of a service like
I’m a fan of all services that create a professional working environment for bloggers. Social Callout also saves time as it’s impossible to read every blog and understand how to work with each individual blogger.

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